We can unlock your client's CURRENT 401k. Any company, Any reason, Any age, No penalties and No taxes and your client still receives their employer's match!

Are your clients prepared for mandatory healthcare costs in retirement? The Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) can be a costly obstacle for retirees who happen to be earning "too much income" while enrolled in Medicare.

As their advisor, you could be held liable for failing to help them adequately plan for these future healthcare costs. Through the Retirement Protectâ„¢ Healthcare Planning Software from Jester Financial Technologies, we will arm you with the knowledge and training you need to help your clients protect their financial well-being, all while documenting your own due diligence.

Through training materials and software, informative videos, and expert industry speakers, Cee Way connects you with programs to teach new skills, guide you through bussiness planning, and share new strategies to help you and your clients achieve the best financial outcomes in any situation and market.

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Navigating the changing regulatory conditions of the financial service industry is easier when wholesalers & advisors work together as trusted partners. With tools designed to find relevant and meaningful opportunities, Cee Way Marketing is ready to help you grow your practice in new and exciting ways.

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Retirement Protect

Cee Way Marketing is the National distributor for the Retirement Protectâ„¢ Healthcare Planning Software. This software helps advisors identify and plan for future healthcare cost issues years in advance, saving your clients hundreds of thousands in unplanned costs and protecting their social security income.

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Cee Way Marketing was founded by Craig Cheney and Terri Hembree. Our goal is to restore trust-based partnerships in the financial services industry by resetting the relationship between wholesalers and advisors.